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2015/5/8 13:37:02


Item         : Canada Marine Unit lapel pins
Material     : Copper 
Design      : Die struck enamel
Backside   : Sandlasted
Plated       : Gold
Accessory : 1 butterfly clutch
Size           : 25.4mm x 12mm

Thickness  : 1.5mm

Our products are good at price and quality. Our supports entrepreurs large and supports entrepreneurs large and small, locally and worldwide. We are business owners so we do our best to source from like-minded businesses and ethical producers. Often, they can be local. This helps to keep prices low on clean quality lapel pins for you. Whether buying for your corporate rewards program or to celebrate a special occasion, you'll get our high quality, saft and unique pieces whenever and wherever you might need them. 

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Payment by Paypal, T/T, Western Union

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